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I don't know why but for the past two weeks or so, I've just felt completely overwhelmed and exhausted. I can't keep up with my work, I'm falling behind in my class, my diet keeps exploding around 8:00 PM every night, and I am so, so, so tired. Oi. Ugh.

I don't have enough room in my house. There is just no space, not even space to organize, and so many home improvement projects so I can't even buy shelves or something to temporarily fix the mess. I can't use my drawers because the dresser is falling apart and I don't have a closet so there's just piles of laundry in baskets. Driving me absolutely crazy. I can't have the kitchen be organized because the sink is messed up and my dad isn't going to replace it for at least another month, probably more with him. My office at work is completely unorganized, I can never keep things in order and people keep putting things on my desk without telling me what they are so I can't keep it organized. Driving me crazy.

Plus, I wasted the entire weekend fixing my family's computer. Yeah, no duh it's infected with over 800 viruses, spyware, etc. Maybe if you all would stay off of sketchy websites (and yes, I know what sites you've all been going to and no, putting a password on your account does not make it a secret, FYI) and quit downloading garbage, we wouldn't have this problem every month. Geezus, people.

Anyway. I am tired. Maybe tomorrow it will all work out...

Playing House: Vegetarian Chili Mess

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I have something very important to share with the Internet. This is big news.

I made dinner. I know, I know what you're thinking: "Yeah, so you opened a box and added water. Big deal. I do that all the time." You would be thinking wrong because when I say I made dinner, I mean I made dinner. I chopped things that at one time grew out of the ground. I sautéed things in a < I>pan</i> with butter -- real butter, no less! There were things that had to be soaked, things that had to be simmered. I cooked with something I had never eaten before, bulgur. I used three diffrent kinds of beans! I added garlic! And chili powder. Now I know chili powder and not actual chilis and things is technically cheating but whatever, it was wonderful. loved it. I even took this thing that grinds pepper and I grinded pepper! Who knew, right?

It was delicious. The problem when I cook anything (even frozen microwave meals) is that nothing looks pretty like it does in cookbooks or on boxes. Plus it's so much work. So I just get discouraged. I don't have lovely hand-crafted bowls and beautiful sparkling flatware, either. I like my food to be pretty -- or at least, food that COULD be pretty. So I'd take a picture but it wouldn't be pretty. I guess that's why I named it vegetarian chili mess.


And The Ice Cream Won.

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Like so many people before me, I started a diet yesterday. And like so many people before me, I basically failed.

I don't know what it is, but somehow, every night around 11:00 PM - 12:30 AM, I just want to eateateateat delicious wonderful ice cream and cake. Yesterday, I did. I don't know why! I had already eaten my calories for the day and I wasn't really hungry. I was doing so fell. I did my cardio and my core workout I just got this crazy craving ("crazing") and somehow found myself eating wonderful full-fat old-fashion vanilla ice cream with copious amounts of wonderful delicious caramel caramel caramel with an unhealthy sprinkle of chopped pecans. "Somehow found myself" really means I thought -- no, dreamed about it all day. I almost made it without eating that wonderful delicious thing -- almost. But suddenly there I was, a bowl, a bucket of ice cream with a tablespoon, a cup of caramel, a handful, a fistful of pecans.

I won't lie. It was delicious. Oh, it was wonderful. Like something out a magical sugar-filled, sprinkle-topped dream. I won't even lie and write it off as a moderate bowl of something I wanted. I don't think I should completely ban every dessert and junk food all of the time. Ice cream is a sometimes food, to paraphrase Cookie Monster (or is it Carrot Monster now?). But I can tell you, this wasn't moderation. This was a crazing. Crazings aren't good. There's no thinking when you've got a crazing, other than, "I shouldn't do this but it is sooooo good."

So today, I tried again. And I did okay. Only a little bit left to go and I have a little wiggle room still. I think I'm going to eat a string-cheese stick. I should be okay with that. Also: I had this Lean Cuisine Vegetarian Eggroll and Rice thing for lunch. It was kind of delicious, I was quite surprised. But then, I find most food that isn't delicious ice cream and amazing caramel to be rather unimpressive so maybe my tastebuds are just growing up.

Low-Carb Bluth Banana Jail Bars For All,



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